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Player Escort


What is Player Escort?

Over the years, McDonald’s has consistently played an active role in offering children around the world a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. By sponsoring this unique sporting event, the McDonald’s Player Escort Programme allows children from around the world the incredible opportunity of accompanying international players onto the pitch during the largest global football tournaments such as the Euro Cup and the World Cup.

The McDonald’s Player Escort Programme promises this and more to a lucky child aged 6 to 10, and an accompanying parent or guardian, by offering an all-inclusive trip abroad, that includes several outings and activities, as well as the opportunity of making friends from around the globe – all leading up to the excitement of the big day.

This year, Robert Schembri and Karl Galea were flown out to France to attend the Euro Cup semi-final, and final matches in France, and who described their experience as “magical”, “unique” and as “an event they will remember and cherish forever”.

And if you’re still wondering what it must have been like, click on the links below to take a look at our boys’ video diaries:

Player Escort for France - Robert Schembri         Player Escort for Portugal - Karl Galea