It’s McRib Season! 

The legendary McRib is back.


Get ready for a saucy season. One which we’ve been anticipating since 2015, the last time this legend was seen on the island. The McRib is famous for popping up at McDonald’s locations across the world sporadically, & this year, it’s hitting Malta with all its flavour. A bring it back moment, which many of us have craved, prayed & begged for.

The barbecue-sauce-smothered sandwich with its own worldwide locator & its own petition ‘save The McRib campaign’. The sandwich that marinated in the hearts & minds of the McDonald’s fans worldwide with its five basic components, (but is anything but basic). A combination of pork patty, barbecue sauce, pickle slices, onions, and a sesame bun.

Who’s ready to celebrate?