Have a blast with these Summer Lovin’ offers!
Because to feel like beach, you need a tasty menu & even tastier offers.

Yummy Breakie

Whether you take breakie as seriously as the Aussie’s or not, we think this offer is going to turn you in a breakfast bloke. An Egg McMuffin, Hashbrown & Coffee for less than five? No brainer!

You Want It, You Got It!

The people have spoken, so we’ve added the highly requested Crispy McBacon & 20-Pack Chicken McNuggets duo to our Summer line-up! After so many laps in the med, you need it. We get it!

Family Duo

A trip to McDonald’s quickly turns into a treasured childhood memory. Because a Happy Meal is always a special meal, no matter the season. Sharing a feel-good moment like this with your kiddo should definitely be on your Summer bucket list.

All Time Fave

Praise hand emoji, heart eyed emoji! Yes, your all time fave has also made it in our Summer Lovin’ offers. You’re welcome!

Two the full

Whether it’s during the day or a long night of partying, it ain’t Summer without a legit McDonald’s fiesta. This usually involves a burger, fries, drink, side & dessert. Nothing less…but possibly more!

Summer Espresso

We all want Summer to last forever, including this offer! Featuring our very own Summer Espresso drowned in ice cream, or as it’s known, Affogato. Now at just €1. Bottoms up!


Just dive in! They're just a tap away!

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