McDonald’s Happy Meal toys are changing!

We believe we should take steps to help the environment. So, it is time for less plastic in our Happy Meal toys.

At McDonald’s we’re doing our part to help protect the planet by creating Happy Meal toys made with more sustainable materials including renewable, recycled, or certified materials. And by the end of 2025, every Happy Meal toy – no matter where you are in the world – will be made with more sustainable materials.

McDonald’s is working with scientists, engineers, and toy makers from all over the world to dramatically reduce the use of virgin fossil fuel-based plastic (a specific plastic that’s not so great for the environment) in Happy Meal toys by approximately 90% over the next few years!

One way to do this is offering toys made from 100% fiber – like paper and wood – that is independently certified in order to help protect the people, trees, and animals who live in those forests. Another solution we’re exploring is a new kind of plant-based plastic that is produced from plants, like sugarcane. In fact, this plant-based plastic even helps our fight against climate change!

Some of these toys might look different from the ones you’ve played with before, but one thing that won’t change is the FUN. McDonald’s is always learning more about how kids and families play together. This helps us make fun, exciting new innovations for Happy Meals with the planet in mind. Our toys will be made from more sustainable materials, and some may even include more interactive elements like construction and crafting! You might have seen that our journey has already begun!

Recyclable after play

I’m a fiber-based toy made from certified sources that you can recycle after playing to do your part for the planet!

Plant-based plastics & fiber

I’m made from a combination of plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane (that doesn’t mean you can eat me!) along with fiber made from certified sources – and I’m built to last!

McDonald’s commitment to the planet continues!

McDonald’s is committed to doing more for the environment in our communities around the world. Since 2018, our new Happy Meal toy innovations have resulted in less conventional plastic use. While we’ve made progress, the journey doesn’t end in 2025 – we’re excited to do even more and push new ideas forward with the planet in mind!


A Happy Meal toy is considered more sustainable if it is made using materials from renewable, recycled, or certified sources. A sustainable toy is one that will meet a minimum 60% of toy weight from recycled or renewable content or a combination of recycled or renewable content. These sources may include certified fiber (or paper) for packaging and toys, recycled textiles, plastics or metals; and bio- and plant-based materials considered to be made from renewable and certified sources.

McDonald’s ambition is to drastically reduce plastics and offer sustainable Happy Meal toys globally by the end of 2025. McDonald’s U.K. and other European Markets have already met this goal by year end 2022.

  • With fun still front and center, by the end of 2025, every toy in every Happy Meal sold around the world will be made from sustainable materials. 
  • This transition will result in an approximately 90% reduction of virgin fossil fuel-based plastic use in Happy Meal toys, from a baseline of 2018. 
  • Our efforts have already resulted in a 30% reduction in virgin fossil fuel-based plastic use since 2018.

Yes, we are researching, testing, and learning along the way. We developed a comprehensive research plan to understand consumer sentiment on sustainability and toy concepts made from sustainable materials. 

As we move forward in our sustainable toy deployment plan, we will continue to adjust and learn to meet our consumer expectations and value perceptions.  We can’t wait to shape the future of fun, together.

Green PE is an alternative, plant-based plastic derived from sugarcane. Green PE makes up majority of the HWMT premiums, with the exception of the outer shell of the car as well as the wheel ‘hub caps’ which are made from fiber. Green PE has been approved for system use and sourced from Braskem. See here for more information on the material: