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Our McDonald’s App is easy to use. You can be enjoying a great deal in just a few simple steps:


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Tap Redeem just before ordering


Scan the QR code at the scanners at our Front Counter, Self-Ordering Kiosks or Payment Window at the Drive-Thru.

What offers did you like? What offers would you like to see?

We might not be able to create every single offer, but we aim to create great value offers and who knows, one of your suggestions could be the our next great offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Have a look through our FAQs. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, click here and drop us a line.


Once you are logged into the mobile app, go to the Deals sections. Choose your preferred offer, click Redeem and then click Activate. Scan the QR code at the self-ordering kiosk, at the counter or at McDrive. 

When redeeming your offer at MIA McDrive, please scan the QR code at the customer ordering point. The offer can be verified on the active order screen on the Digital Menu Board before proceeding to the McDrive window.

Yes. Customers can redeem multiple offers in the same transaction, however, since an offer can only be redeemed once in a transaction they need to be different offers.  

Only one customer per transaction is accepted, it is not possible to scan more than one mobile app on the same transaction. If you are in the restaurant, you need to make separate orders to redeem your offers. At McDrive one customer mobile app account per car is accepted. Remember you can redeem multiple offers in the same transaction if the offers are different. 

This is completely normal. Some offers are personalised and dependant on when you downloaded and started using the app. They could also be affected by the frequency of your redemptions and the kind of offers your usually redeem. Other offers are available to everyone. 

Unfortunately, our mobile app offers cannot be redeemed with McDelivery, as the delivery is operated through the Bolt Food and Wolt apps, not the McDonald’s app.

Yes, one can order on the app, through mobile, order & pay. You can find further details here:

We are sorry, in this case the offer is lost. You have 15 minutes to redeem your offer after activation. Some of our offers are repeated; please refer to the terms and conditions.

If you have activated the offer on your phone but with another account, this is normal behaviour as it is not possible to activate the same offer twice on the same phone but with different accounts.

If this is not the case, then please contact us by using the contact form.


Yes, you may change the password of your account through the mobile app itself. Click on the ‘More’ section on the toolbar at the bottom and then choose the ‘Change my password’ button. 

We process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2016/679. Should you wish a copy of your data, please contact us. 

We’re sorry to see you go. Should you wish to delete your account and your data, please contact us. 


In addition to providing information on our products and restaurants, we also offer app users many valuable offers. This is an app for our loyal McDonald’s customers.

This is not currently possible. Our guests receive an efficient and rapid service either at our restaurant counters or at the self-order kiosks. Innovation is key to success and we may be offering mobile ordering in the future.

An Internet connection is required for the app to work. Try connecting to the free WIFI available in all our restaurants. 

To redeem an offer, simply activate it in an area with a connection (for example outside for a better 3G connection). The offer will remain visible for 15 minutes even after disconnecting from the network. You may also connect to the free WIFI available in all our restaurants. 

If this happens, we would recommend:

  • Restarting your phone as a first option
  • If this doesn’t work, you could uninstall and reinstall your app
  • If you’re still having issues, contact Customer Service for help