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Cheer up – we’ve got amazing news!

McDonald’s has teamed up with Bolt Food and Wolt, to get all your favourite McDonald’s meals and snacks to the comfort of your own home.

Download the Bolt Food App Today!

Download the Wolt Food App Today!

Quench your curiosity and download the Bolt Food and Wolt apps, input your location and check whether your residence falls within our selected areas. With an average of 20 minutes to get your order at your front door, all your favourite McDonald’s meals are never too far away!

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Frequently Asked Questions

McDelivery is operated through third party apps which work by calculating a km radius from a restaurant, not by entire locations. You need to be within the radius from one of our restaurants for McDonald’s to appear on the app. The best way to check if you fall within the radius, would be to download the Wolt or Bolt Food apps, add your address and search for McDonald’s.

McDonald’s always strives to provide the highest quality food for our customers. For this reason, we have a target to serve our customers within 20 minutes from order. This ensures that the food is still hot in good quality. The 20-minute target is what defines the accepted radius for McDelivery. 

Yes, the minimum order for delivery through Bolt Food and Wolt is €15 per order.

Yes our breakfast menu is available on McDelivery till 10am.

We are doing our best to reduce the use of single use plastic in our restaurants. For this reason the new McFlurry packaging doesn’t have a lid. The McFlurry cannot be offered on McDelivery without a lid as the quality of the product cannot be assured.

Bolt Food and Wolt only accept cashless payments such as bank cards. For more information, please contact the customer services at Bolt Food and Wolt.

Unfortunately, our mobile app offers cannot be redeemed with delivery, as the delivery is operated through the Bolt Food and Wolt apps, not the McDonald’s app.