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Get rewarded for your loyalty by collecting points with every order and redeem them on your favourite products.

How to earn points?

Download the McDonald’s app

Scan the QR code on the Deals page 

Get 10 points for every €1 spent

Earn points with every transaction including on our Deals

Points are earned on the mobile app by scanning your loyalty card or deal before payment at the front counter, self-ordering kiosks in restaurants, at McDrive, and at McCafé counters!

Rewards Menu with Real Treats!

Ready to swap points for delicious prizes? Check out all the goodies you can get for free. Scroll through the Deals section on your app or use the filter ‘Rewards’ to select. Redeem your favourites and enjoy!







Enjoy Your Points All Year Round!

Keep earning points with your purchases and use them within 12 months. Head to the Loyalty Card Info section to check out all your transaction history, points earned and when they’ll expire. 

Download the McDonald’s app to start earning points

How to Earn Points...

At the Kiosk

At Drive Thru

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Information about MyMcDonald’s Rewards

MyMcDonald’s Rewards is our loyalty programme, exclusively available on the McDonald’s App

MyMcDonald’s Rewards works through a digital loyalty card that is available on the deals section of the McDonald’s app. Customers will earn 10 points for every €1 spent at any McDonald’s. Where cents are present, the amount will be rounded up to the nearest point eg. €15.65 = 157 points

Joining MyMcDonald’s Rewards is very simple. Customers who already have the app will get a notification of updated Terms & Conditions, once a customer accepts the new Terms & Conditions, MyMcDonald’s Rewards will be activated on their account. Customers who will download the app for the first time, will automatically have MyMcDonald’s Rewards activated on their account once they accept the Terms & Conditions and register their account.  

By Scanning the QR code on the loyalty card, any deal or reward, your transaction will be linked with your account, thereby earning points for the total value of your transaction. Points can be earned and redeemed at the front counter, self-ordering kiosks in restaurants, at McDrive, and at McCafé counters. It is important that the scanning is done before payment. Once payment is completed the transaction is closed and we cannot link the transaction to your account. 

There are numerous rewards that can be redeemed by burning (using) previously earned points. The Rewards Menu contains a variety of delicious and iconic items from our McDonald’s menu.  McDonald’s reserves the right to change the Rewards Menu without any prior notice.

Points on MyMcDonald’s Rewards expire 12 months after they are earned. The expiry date is rounded to the end of the month the following year. You will receive a notification when the points are about to expire but you can also access your transaction history from the information icon on the loyalty card.  

Customers can earn and burn points by scanning their QR codes at the Customer Ordering Device (COD) at McDrive. The COD is where you communicate with the order taker to place your order. If scanning is not available at the COD, you should double click on the QR code and read out the code displayed on your device to the order taker. If you forget to scan or read the code at the COD, you may scan your code at the payment window, as long as this is done before payment. 

No, by scanning any QR code on the app the MyMcDonald’s Rewards account will automatically be linked to the ongoing transaction. Therefore, if you scan the QR code to redeem a deal or a reward you don’t need to scan the QR code on the loyalty card as well. 

Yes. Points can be earned and redeemed at the front counter, self-ordering kiosks in restaurants, at McDrive, and at McCafé counters.

Of course. You may make use of the physical McCafé punch card if you prefer. However, customers must choose whether to use the punch card or the MyMcDonald’s Rewards. Customers are not permitted to use both for the same transaction. 

If the scanners are not reading the QR code, you should double click the QR code and read out the code that will be displayed on your screen to the order taker. If you are using the self-ordering kiosk you can manually input the code by clicking the “Scan Code” button on the top right corner of the screen. 

To earn or burn points, the QR code on the McDonald’s App must be scanned before the payment. Once payment is completed there is no way of linking the MyMcDonald’s Rewards account to the transaction. 

If a reward is redeemed against points from the App, but this reward is not used within the 15 minutes redemption window, the reward will respawn and becomes available again in 33 minutes (without burning any points again).

If you have a problem with the points on your MyMcDonald’s Rewards account, kindly contact us. 

No. MyMcDonald’s Rewards is exclusively available on the McDonald’s app. As delivery is operated through the Bolt Food and Wolt apps, you cannot earn points on McDelivery orders. 

The full Terms & Conditions regulating MyMcDonald’s Rewards can be found here. 

Information about my account

Yes, customers can access their full transaction history by clicking on the information icon on the loyalty card in the deals section. The transaction history contains the full record of earn points, burnt points and notifies customers of the amount of points which would be about to expire. 

We process your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (EU) 2016/679. This is the Privacy Policy for the McDonald’s app. Should you wish a copy of your data, please contact us. 

We’re sorry to see you go. Should you wish to delete your account and your data, please contact us.