Our Story
McDonald's in Malta. This is our story.

Established in 1940, McDonald’s is the world’s leading restaurant brand. With restaurants in more than 36,000 locations, McDonald’s employs 1.9 million people across 119 countries.

McDonald’s opened its doors in Malta’s capital Valletta in 1995. Today there are 9 McDonald’s restaurants across Malta and Gozo, 2 McDrives and 7 McCafe’s. McDonald’s employs over 600 people and serves more 10,600 guests a day in Malta.

McDonald’s is operated in Malta by Premier Capital plc, the Development Licensee for McDonald’s in Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania. In 2017 Premier Capital plc generated revenues in excess of €260 million in 140 restaurants which served 112 million guests. Our family is 7,500-people strong.

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In 2022 McDonald’s Achieved 95% employee satisfaction


That's right! The amount of sandwiches we serve in a whole year.


The amount of customers we serve daily


McCafé outlets in Malta and Gozo.


Restaurants in Malta and Gozo.


McDonalds Malta employs 400+ employees.


Happy Meals served every year