Quiet Space @ McDonald’s

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McDonald’s has always been at the forefront making sure that the customers have a great experience when they visit. Together with Prisms, McDonald’s have worked on making the restaurants at Malta International Airport, St. Julian’s and Gharghur more accessible and inclusive through the quality label of ‘Autism Friendly Spaces’. This accreditation follows up on different things that took place. 

Quiet Space

McDonald’s at the Malta International Airport, St. Julian’s & now also in Gharghur, have a dedicated a room explicitly designed to be more comfortable for persons with sensory difficulties. The room was designed in collaboration with Prisms Malta and the Autism Parents’ Association. The décor, light, noise levels and environment of this room is intended to help persons with sensory difficulties enjoy the McDonald’s experience with utmost ease. Our Quiet Spaces at McDonald’s are also equipped with Noise Cancelling headphones and sensory toys.

While our Quiet Space is accessible to everyone, priority will be given to persons with sensory difficulties. Guests who will not respect the scope and spirit of this room will be asked to move to the lobby. 

Staff Training

Apart from making our restaurant more accessible, McDonald’s has also trained staff who are now certified as Autism Ambassadors. Our ambassadors have been trained in the understanding of Autism itself, how a person with sensory difficulties experiences things differently and the complexity behind such conditions and associated behaviours. Feel free to ask for our ambassadors for assistance or more information, they will be wearing badges. 

Social Story

We realise that having a social story to prepare our customers visiting the restaurant, is very important. You may access our social stories here:

Autism Friendly Hours

All three McDonald’s Restaurants will also operate Autism Friendly hours on Mondays and Thursdays between 15:00 and 16:30, during which the entire restaurant will have dimmer lights and lower noise levels.